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DeskSight.AI is an employee monitoring and productivity software that is Easy to Upload enabled with Powerful Features, Secure & Private.

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"We believe in boosting the Organisational Productivity"
Employee Monitoring with DeskSight.AI


With DeskSight.AI, you can have complete visibility on productive working hours of all the teams across the organization.

Productivity Software by DeskSight.AI


Get insights on employee operational workflows, and help you plan how to design your teams for desired outcomes.

Workplace Management with DeskSight.AI


Get details of 5 top and bottom performers (of the team/organization) based on monitoring data with custom alerts.

Key Features

Auto Time Tracking

Auto Time Tracking

Track active and idle time of users all across the organization

Productivity Inspection with Desk Sight

Productivity Inspection

Differentiate between productive and unproductive activities

Web and App Usage Tracking

Web and App Usage Tracking

Track Applications and Websites where users are spending their time 

User Performance Analysis

User Performance Analysis

Track the active time, productive time and unproductive time of every user

Remote Attendance with Desk Sight

Remote Attendance

Track Daily Login and Logout time of ever user

App Title Tracking

App Title Tracking

Track the content of the web page or application

Multiple Dynamic Work Schedules

Multiple Work Schedules

Define multiple works schedules for different users

High Speed Categorisation

High Speed Categorisation

 Automatic and custom categorisation of applications

Why Us?


It is a SaaS-based product that collects and analyzes the data and provides insights to help organizations be more productive and compliant. is an Easy & quick set up experience. In other words, it’s Plug and Plays literally live in minutes.

  • Invite your Team Members
  • Install DeskSight Agent
  • Assign Work Definitions
  • Start Monitoring


With features like time tracking, productivity inspection, user performance analysis, efficiency projection, remote attendance, etc. DeskSight.AI enables organizations to:

  • Track Web & Application Usage
  • Web searches
  • Top Performers and Top Non-Performers
  • User classification




As physical workspaces vanish and more employees work from home, digital collaboration has become a critical competency for remote employees.

Employers need to rethink their evaluation strategy to suit the remote context, and performance goal setting needs to move from ‘being present at work’ to ‘being productive.’

Complete Features


A survey reveals that 16% of organizations use a monitoring tool to keep track of virtual logging in and out, emails and chats, work computer usage, active and idle time.

While productivity tracking using tools has been around for some years now, with more employees working remotely, this trend would only be more popular.

Complete Features


With being physically present in the office no longer a criterion for a job, businesses are open to hiring remote consultants to track the productivity of these workers.

To contain costs and have more workforce management flexibility, around 32% of organizations are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers across the globe.

Complete Features


With features like time tracking, productivity inspection, user performance analysis, efficiency projection, remote attendance, etc., to enable excellence.

Compare work patterns of the top performers to streamline workflows and boost productivity. Get complete visibility on productive working hours across the organization.

Complete Features

Remote Working

Top Business Concerns

Managing Projects


Monitoring Productivity


Limiting Distractions


Communication and Collaboration


Complying to HR Policies


Ensuring Security


Optimal Usage of IT Infrastructure

How to address this challenge

A comprehensive productivity tracking tool like DeskSight can help business managers streamline workflows,
boost productivity, and get visibility into how teams work by:

  • Identifying and eliminating inefficiency
  • Ensuring optimal time utilization
  • Driving better resource planning
  • Automating time tracking for client deliverables
  • Planning schedule-based work hours with multiple fixed/dynamic work schedules

Productivity tracking tools

Efficient project management involves ensuring everyone in the team completes smaller tasks timely. While engineering teams follow the Agile methodology to keep track of development and testing, tracking the daily productivity of all the employees is a daunting task.

While there are many project management tools to track the start and end dates of the tasks (only when the employees update the status), they do not track productivity.

Easy download-and-go productivity tracking tools like DeskSight can help you monitor productivity with features like:

  • Comparing work patterns of the top performers to streamline workflows and boost productivity
  • Identifying the most and least productive teams within the organization
  • Automatically recording active screen time of employees
  • Providing complete visibility on productive working hours of all the teams across the organization
  • Measuring engagement time of every employee over a specific period
  • Analyzing total and daily average work time of employees

Common problem of remote working.

Distraction is the third most common problem of remote working. While working from home has its benefits, employees tend to get distracted by non-work activities. With no manager around, checking social media for 10 minutes extend to an hour, or a break to reply to personal emails leads to browsing shopping sites.

With, you can address this concern by tracking web and app usage to:

  • Monitor employee activity with a detailed log of website visits and application usage for every user
  • Record the title of the active window/document/app with the duration of being active
  • Record screen activities of employees with screenshots at regular intervals
  • Detect categories of new website and apps in minutes with a machine learning-driven website crawler
  • Monitor the intent of the employees by tracking web searches across all browsers
  • Facilitate employees to take a break for non-official browsing/work by setting ‘private time’ mode, which would temporarily disable surveillance

Remote working scenario

While work from home has its benefits, it takes away the advantages of human connection. An informal discussion over coffee breaks, face-to-face conversations, or catching up with colleagues is necessary for humans to build trust. In a remote working scenario, it is challenging to build trust among team members and achieve transparency to ensure optimal collaboration. Organizations have options to access various communication tools like chats, emails, video conferencing, and file sharing apps to ensure remote communication and collaboration.

Attendance, tracking & monitoring

Remote working has no mechanism to track attendance, making it difficult for the human resource (HR) department to track if the employees were present, ensure their working hours, and process payroll and other incentives. enables organizations to verify attendance by:

  • Tracking employee work time via their computer activity
  • Tracking employee’s first log-in and last log-out
  • Detecting deviation in scheduled working hours by monitoring early/late log-in/log-out

Monitor activities

Many employees use their unprotected devices for remote working, which are unencrypted and have no antivirus installed. They access risky webpages, which can compromise enterprise as well as personal data on the system.

With, you can monitor access to web pages, apps, and activities. The tool can monitor activities even when the endpoint is offline to sync data with the server when available.

Moreover, it lets users create customized alerts by defining limits for an app and web usage, log-in/log-outs, active and idle hours, behavioral usage, etc.

Usage of proprietary software

Organizations spend huge amounts of money on purchasing software licenses for employees, a bulk of which lies unutilized.

With DeskSight.AI, you can track the usage of apps and software to get insight on the usage of proprietary software and decide on the renewal of expensive licenses. The tool helps you to:

Classify productive and unproductive applications
Cut down licensing cost with usage-based software license optimization

Employee Monitoring

Productivity Software

Verify attendance by:

  • Tracking employee work time 
  • First log-in and last log-out
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How to ensure that your employees are productive?

Managers have no way to track their daily work, keep a check on their work hours, and address challenges on-the-go.


Why do you need a tool to manage remote workforce?

The key challenges of remote workforce management Remote Project Management, Metrics to Monitor Productivity, Distractions, Complying to HR Policies, Ensuring Security, and Underutilized IT Infrastructure.


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How DeskSight can help you achieve operational efficiency?

With DeskSight.AI, you can have complete visibility on productive working hours of all the teams across the organization.