How to build a remote company culture?

Covid-19 has made us sit back & think on the way we have been living our life. The bubble that we had created for ourselves has burst now and it has forced us to change our approaches, thought processes & yet another time made us evolve as per the need of the hour.

Building work culture lays the foundation of how your employees & the outsiders perceive your business values, during work from home this becomes more important than ever. Experiencing Work From Home has put forward an opportunity for us to relook at the various company processes & shape them towards the betterment of the company. 

Communication is must! Leadership should confide in their team by embracing their thoughts, suggestions, feedbacks in a constructive way and maintain a holistic work environment. Give team members the liberty to make mistakes & learn from these new parameters. Enable them with the power of taking decision for themselves for quick results & proactive management. Promote team-building activities, bring new customs for an interactive entertainment, connect your team on video meets on a regular basis. Share success stories to promote motivation within individuals & teams. Small recognitions are also important to give your employees a sense of belonging to the company. Encourage team to participate in activities. Building trust, developing discipline & maintaining commitment towards your work and team members are the pillars of this distant working environment.

Let’s Learn, Adapt & Evolve!

By Shivani Khandelwal

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